Saturday, January 10, 2015

A New Year Dive! (almost)

    Today we are heading to Essex Connecticut to get in the water. Its a bit on the chilly side, Air temp is about 30 degrees and the water is a couple degrees warmer. Essex is a very old town on the Connecticut river and there has been activity here since the 1600's. It was a major shipbuilding hub early on and there are not many properties on the river that haven't been host to the construction of a sailing vessel. The British raided the town in April of 1814 Burning and sinking nearly 30 ships at a devastating cost. The dive site we are going to be checking out is right  downtown, so who knows what will be found!

 The diving in the river is at best murky, and normally 1-2 feet of visibility. so we will be using touch to see what can be found. And there not be any videos posted. Chocolate milk looking water does not make for a good video.  We will all be wearing drysuits to stay warm, and keep us protected.  I am also wearing my new Ocean Reef full face mask to help keep my face warmer as well.

Update! Im back from the river, and from the lead photo you can tell it was bitter cold. we spent about a half hour underwater, and came up with some cool bottles. my favorite is this bowling pin bottle from the early1900's very cool!


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