Sunday, January 11, 2015

GoPro Cameras, and Great accessories to use for travel, diving, and exploring the world.

    Anyone who leads an active life knows that it's not about the destination, it's about the journey. I love being an explorer, whether it is diving with hammerhead sharks in Egypt, exploring underwater caves in Belize, or searching for megladon shark teeth in the alligator infested waters of South Carolina rivers. One piece of equipment I always include with my gear is my go-pro. The small size makes it perfect for mounting on a helmet, the Go-Scope extreme pole, or just throw it in a pocket and roll.
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Notice the Go-Pro in hand for the Leap!
    "Intro to the Go-Pro" is my favorite class to teach at the dive shop, Divers Cove, because the camera is so easy to use I can show someone how to work the camera in 15 minutes and then get right to the fun stuff like tips on how to use it! It's so simple to use once its set up and you have a little practice you will be filming professional looking videos right away. It's so simple that I often wear it on a head strap when I scuba dive, I have to run it, change settings and film with out being able to see the camera at all. And it's a piece of cake! It only has 3 buttons, and makes a series of beeps that are easy to use to navigate the settings and use of the camera The best thing is that it's on my head so it sees every thing that I see and leaves my hands free to do things like grab a lobster! 

Check out this little video of a large lobster I came across while diving (no lobsters were harmed in the filming of this video) 

    It's nearly indestructible, I have used my go-pros on countless dives, and know hundreds of people who use them in all sorts of different applications. I have never seen one destroyed or flooded in normal use. I have been present at thousands of hours of filming underwater, sometimes as many as 18-20 cameras in the water, and never have seen or even heard of one flooding. About the best testament I have seen is a video from a go-pro strapped to a sky diver who lost it as he left the plane. It fell about 10,000 feet while still filming, and landed on the drop zone intact. and was found by random chance by a skydiver who walked over it a few minutes later. STILL RECORDING. it is an awesome video clip.

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Goscope, Go-pro

GoPro 4 Black

Micro SD card

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