Sunday, March 8, 2015

Videos of the 2015 Connecticut Special Olympics Penguin Plunge at Hammonasset State park, Madison Ct.

 The 2015 Special Olympics Penguin Plunge at Hammonasset state park in Madison, Ct.  was a great success yesterday!  Some of the staff from Diver's Cove dive shop in Essex were there as safety personnel to help make sure everyone had a great time freezing! The air temperature was about 27 degrees, with a nasty wind. and the water was actually below freezing at 31 degrees. We were in the water for about 25 minutes, and the longest plungers were in the water for 30 seconds! Im certain we were warmer than they were in our drysuits.

I will be uploading a bunch of videos of the plunge from the perspective of the safety divers in the water. Be sure to find yourself in the video's and  comment on and share them with your friends! the more the word gets out the bigger the event will be next year!!
Check them all out, there are a couple different camera angles, so you may be in more than 1. Feel free to share them as well , and if you like them, please give them a thumbs up! it helps.

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